The main focus in our work is to design sustainable, ecological and energy-efficient buildings. Creating a healthy environment and comfort of living for the occupants is our guiding principle and we achieve implementing a combination of the appropriate architectural means, innovative building systems and the extensive use of natural/ ecological materials. To us, the standard of Passive House unites all these fundamental aspects to the maximum extent, while offering long-term economic benefits to the occupants.

The design principles that we follows include:

  • Compact building shape and optimal orientation;
  • High degree of thermal insulation of the building envelope, incl. high-performance windows and glazing;
  • Minimization of thermal bridging;
  • Airtightness of building envelope;
  • Ventilation with high recovery efficiency for continuous fresh air supply;
  • Careful elaboration of execution designs and architectural interface details ensuring the actual implementation of all above principles.

In our projects we also aim to integrate to a maximum degree the principles of ecological construction, set out in the international standard for sustainable design and construction LEED, such as:

  • Selection of ecological construction materials – non-toxic, recyclable, renewable and local;
  • Comfortable indoor environment – lighting, air quality, acoustics, etc .;
  • Eco-friendly solutions for the site and surroundings – reducing rainwater run-off, avoiding overheating, limiting light pollution, natural landscaping etc.